Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rajeev K. R., Engineer, C&R CoE, EIEC

I heard about AOL a few years back from one of my close friends during my college days. Last year I got a chance to experience it. Another friend of mine told me about the course happening nearby and I enrolled. I had attended a few of the yoga trainings in my childhood and was always interested in knowing more about ‘Sudarshana Kriya‘ by Guruji(Sri Sri). I attended the course with lot of interest and started practicing the kriya at home. The experience and change in me was awesome. This course helped me build good health, peaceful mind and high spirit. I am extremely happy to tell that this course benefitted me immensely. My sincre thanks to all who helped me to make it happen in my life.

Sonal Prasad, Engineer, C&R CoE, EIEC

The course had the basic things that we usually forget or ignore and slowly culminate the habits which are convenient for us. It is these habits that reflect in our day to day work. Course teaches us, to bring the change we must first change. I recommend the course if people are willing to introspect .

Amol Patil, Engineer, C&R CoE, EIEC

The YES!+ course was quite an enriching experience. The participants leave with simple but powerful techniques that they can practice every day. The masterpiece of the Art of Living Course is the Sudarshan Kriya. It has helped me to my release stress and bring my mind to the present moment. Now I feel more energetic, peaceful, calm, balanced with increased concentration of mind, recommended to everyone.